As a farmer and small business owner, Kathy has the background and experience to help turn things around and get Oregon back on track.

Kathy's 5 Point Plan to Get Oregon Back on Track:

1. Balance the state budget without raising taxes.

2. Cut red tape and burdensome regulations that are suffocating innovation and job growth.

3. Reform Oregon’s Public Employee...


Salem VFW Members Endorses Kathy LeCompte

Kathy thanked our nation’s veterans at the local Salem VFW Hall and was honored to receive their endorsement. It is imperative that we make sure our veterans are taken care of when they return from overseas. We need to build an economy that encourages employers to hire returning veterans. We need our elected officials to make sure that veterans in need have access to the services that are essential. CLICK HERE to help the Wounded…


Kathy needs your help to fight for your values in Salem.

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